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November 11, 2011

Pickture This: On A Venture

It’s a Friday evening, and as most often is the case, I am at home, working on a post, carefully crafting the metaphors, similes, paradoxes and forming a good, balanced argument about the forthcoming topic.

“Sorry?” I imagine you are saying. “A balanced argument?”.

The truth is that I have just come out of an intense English lesson, so my mind is full of useless poetry and non-fiction analytical skills, for which I shall have very little use for later in life. My writing is ok, right?

Moving swiftly on from what I imagine my parents are going to talk and painstakingly lay out why poetry analysis is useful to me about after reading this, I would like to introduce a new topic on this hallowed blog (bit of an overkill there? Thought so).

I have decided to follow, advise (where advice is requested) and cover the ventures the many pupils do at my school. Before you click away from this, please note this. The kids at my school are a bunch of “interesting ones”. May I present you with Henry Dyer, who calls himself speshul. He, as well as many others, like to make stuff: I make articles, others build CNC machines and Henry makes the Crystal Palace exchange and the school servers overheat with the constant OnLive streaming. See, technically we are all speshul. To define “ventures”, I am going to say it is anything that any pupil or member of staff makes and invests effort into, like the aforementioned CNC machine or the following, all with close collaboration and permission.

October 30, 2011

< Content&Services > - Part 3

Oh, why don't you look at that, it's another aviationally written post, in the words of Henry Dyer, written, as usual, on the way to London on a cramped, full to the brim airbus A320. And lookie here, why yes, it's yet another title longing for a good old rant. I have written two similarly titled posts before, part 1 and part 2. Compared to what I shall discuss [yes, we all know my definition of discuss] in this post, those were merely trivial and mundane topics.

Have I peaked your interest yet? No? How about if I told you that the Internet as we know it could possibly come to an end depending on the decisions of a few people, bent on helping industries and not consumers? No? Really? Well, then you are stubborn person [coming from me, that's rich], enjoy your little encapsulated bubble that us your life.

October 6, 2011

Highs of Lows and Lows of Highs.

Waking up at 6:40 in the morning before one of the worst Thursdays at school in the year is never a nice experience. As usual, I always check my Twitter feed on my iPhone for the most recent updates around the world until the snooze forces me to wake up to the same routine we all complete every day, but this time, this time was different. Besides being a special Thursday at school, the one we all resent, something on my Twitter feed took me by surprise.


Steve Jobs Has Passed Away  by 

At first, I immediately thought what the date was. October 6th. Ok, so there are no joking traditions on October 6th, right? Then I thought that this was some sick twisted joke some hackers managed to post on TechCrunch, until I realized that it was even on the apple website.

October 3, 2011

Follow the Crazy Ones

Yes, it's finally time again for a 1000 word post on a topic where the title, being without a doubt ambiguous, can give you no help on the actual content. All shall be explained later, but for now, let's update you on my doings and happenings.


And there we have it: an update on my doings and happenings. No, that's just a very large proportion of them. I actually got hooked on this Shrine of Apple website, listing every single apple product ever made. During my time browsing their limited, but ever expanding, catalogue, I thought about how much this stuff actually costs. I went onto eBay, and before I knew it, I had bought an Apple II, a Macintosh plus and a Newton MessagePad 110! They are really, really, really awesome! I know, I know, only a huge geek would get excited about legacy gear, but there is something about them that I enjoy. It is possibly because I am fascinated about how I cannot even fit a small JPEG onto a floppy disk, the fact that I am astounded how far technology has come, or just maybe because I am flabbergasted what people thought was the best thing ever made.

September 26, 2011

To Fly. To Serve.

A few days ago, I came across a UK television advertising premier, namely, the new British Airways "To Fly. To Serve." campaign. Now, BA used to be a great airline, no question, but may I direct you to the use of the word "was".

Just in case you missed it: WAS

Nowadays, BA is, in my very strong opinion, one of the most incompetent, inefficient, incapable airlines flying. The whole thing started with Terminal 5 at Heathrow, with lost baggage and crappy computer systems that was unable to track my baggage for a week! After that incident, the whole thing went downhill: have you recently flown on BA? I few it to Geneva and let me tell you, a Boeing 737, while an old model, does not have crumbling seats with less than a few centimeters (or inches, for those still stuck on the imperial system) of leg room.

Negatives aside, BA sure do know how to spend thousands on an advertisement,, granted a very good one, that will do very little to the quality of the airline and planes. Spend the money on actually paying your staff!

August 19, 2011

Copyright, Infringement and Stupidity: Update 9

Yay! Were back to this old topic again!

Previously, back in the early days when Nic’s CompBlog still existed, I had posted a series with this title, relating to copyright; however, I decided to expand the definition of that title to not only include petty copyright cases, but also big boy patents, which opened me up to write a whole lot on very juicy subjects.

Patents, patents, patents.

Recently, especially over this summer, things have been heating up in the patent world, starting with the Nortel Patent auction. For those of you who are either tech illiterate, don’t like the news or just don’t care about tech (even though you are reading this tech orientated blog…), let me indulge you in the joys of patents.

Nortel have a big patent portfolio of about 6,000. There was an auction for them, as I am sure the observant readers will have picked up by now. Google started off, placing a $900m bid. Now, that’s pretty high for a first bid, actually, that’s pretty high, period. The competitors (Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, etc.), who all hate the success of android, saw that Google was serious. As Google is a new company, they don’t own that many patents when compared to Apple and Microsoft. Patents are vital to defend products, as I will show later, so it was vital for Google to get these patents, especially as they include 4G LTE technologies.

So, after a while, Apple joined up with some other minor companies and the bidding was reaching ridiculously high numbers, like $2b ridiculous. Come to think of it, the numbers were ridiculous, regardless of the letter preceding them! Google were starting to bet $πb ($3.141b) and other mathematical constants! This was either a genius move or a death sentence. They were confusing people as to why they were bidding these numbers, which might have played to their advantage, but at the same time, they were also portraying themselves as not caring. It was then when things really got interesting.

Apple & Co. started teaming up with RIM (the blackberry makers), Sony and Microsoft.

What? Did you just say Apple and Microsoft?

Yes, indeed I did.

July 10, 2011

The Porters

After a historical Friday and an ordinary Sunday, I have finally gotten down to writing a post. You might be asking, why was Friday historic? Well, the Obama Administration have cut NASAs funding, so they have to cancel the Space Shuttle program, as detailed in my “The Ongoing Pinnacle of Human Achievement” post. As you may know, I am highly pissed over this (sounding like a pompous twat!), as the Space Shuttle was very useful for ferrying objects up and down from the ISS, Mir station and other places in low Earth orbit. Friday was the final launch of a Space Shuttle, this specific one being Atlantis. It will bring vital supplies to the ISS (The Raffaello multi-purpose logistics module) so it can go on for a year, following the discontinuation of the Space Shuttle. When Atlantis lands at Edwards Air force Base on the 20/1 of July, it will have signed off to a 30 year long program that has greatly helped our everyday lives in ways we do not even think about. These spacecraft were designed for 300 flights; they have done a maximum of 40 so far. Kind of a shame.

Anyway, now we have that moment of reflection and feeling sorry for the ignorant cuts to the space program, let me explain the title of this post. The porters are the guys who carry things around a building, be it mail, information, or a package, right? The rant above links in with the title, and the next bit, even more.

So, while I was pondering over which post to write from my long list of ideas (yes, I know I promised a Microsoft one, but I need a better internet connection for that one; lots of embedding to do) I saw a seemingly boring and insignificant post title. As you may have gathered, this post is that seemingly boring and insignificant post. Its about ports.

How can I possibly make a post about computer connections interesting? Well, ladies and gentlemen, watch me [hopefully] succeed in doing the impossible: I shall educate you on USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt, a HIGHLY mundane and useless topic, in an interesting and captivating way. Want to know how I will do it? Through the world-famous (yes, even in South Korea) style of ranting that TheCompBlog is based on!

May 13, 2011

Agreed or Disagreed?

To quote from one of my many informative friends: “The biggest lie ever? I Agree”.

Oh yes, I agree. Admit to it. Everyone at least once has encountered a piece of software, which prompts you to “read” the privacy policy and terms & conditions, then agree to it. Apple requires you to agree to one of them every time they make a small change. Only the paranoid lawyers will read 60 pages of legal crap, which no one understands, to download an app. Apple is just the start, there are websites, email services, twitter, Facebook and every other possible online and offline service ever created in the history of mankind, who do the exact same thing. I will guarantee that even the ancient Greeks had some form of long legal contract to sign, which no one read.

Why do all these companies make them so long? Why do they make them incomprehensible? Why, why, why? The simple, blatant answer is,

They know you will never read it.

May 7, 2011

Sony and Microsoft: What I forgot (Plus a Bit Extra)

If you read my Microsoft and Sony posts, or if you are a regular reader, you will know that I hold a “slight” grudge against these two companies. Well, “slight” is a bit of an understatement: I hold an unbelievably huge grudge against them, and for good reason, apparent in the two posts. However, there were a few things I missed out in them, partly because they would have exceeded 1500 words and partly because I had forgotten about them. Anyway, I plan to include a few more stories of deceit, amusement and interest.

Let’s start with Sony. Crappy Sony. Unfaithful Sony. Insecure Sony.

That sparked some interest, didn’t it? Insecure Sony? We all know what has happened with the PlayStation Network (PSN) and the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), who make those useless Facebook games. If not, let m fill you in: Once upon a time, there were a few million users on the PSN and the SEN. One day, an evil (or in my opinion, appreciated) group of witches (hackers) who broke into the house of the PSN/SEN and stole everything (yes, everything, including credit cards). PSN/SEN were very sad and told no one for 3 days, until guests started to complain. And the story goes on and on, but its becoming weird typing in a Disney fairytale way.

April 13, 2011

Copyright, Infringement and VICTORY: Update 8

Remember that post, 3 More Thoughts? I was rambling on about a few things (3 to be precise), including the then recent lawsuit against the PS3 hacker, George Hotz. Sony sued Hotz because he had hacked the PlayStation 3 to play home brew games on the device, his device, which he bought, making it his own property. In my opinion, Sony had no right to sue him, as he bought the device, so he can do whatever he wants with it. Sony cannot hold us down to their operating system, just like Apple is not allowed to hold us down to iOS on the i-devices.

April 8, 2011

copyright, Infringement and Stupidity: Update 7

This update is not so much infringement and copyright (although I have overplayed this term in recent posts), but more stupidity. Companies are going crazy about patents. At the moment, they are the most valuable thing a company can have, and I totally agree with that. Every company has the right to protect their ideas. What I classify as stupidity is when companies claim and create thousands of patents that do not actually deserve to be patented. I cannot think of any off the top of my head, but I have read a lot of CNN and BBC Tech news recently!

Look at Google for a sec. They have just bided $900 for the patent portfolio of Nortel Networks, a Canadian HARDWARE manufacturer. $900 for hardware patents? Google do not even make hardware! It would have made much more sense for Google to invest that $900 in product development or, dare I say, a charity? The Red Cross could preform miracles with $900 of Googles disposable income. A company like Nokia or HTC would benefit much more by owning these patents, and they think so too. The maximum bid for the portfolio is estimated at $2b! Wow. 

All these law suits and useless patents will stifle innovation one day in the future. 

Here is the link to the BBC news article, from where I got this information. 

April 4, 2011

Think Different, Again. Kind of.

Apple yesterday released their "We Believe" iPad 2 TV ad in the US. There are many aspects to this ad which mirror the Apple "Think Different" ad campaign, analysed in great depth in one of my older posts, such as changing the industry and the how we compute. Steve Jobs said in his iPad 2 keynote that the iPad was a "Post PC Device", saying that the iPad changed how we worked and interacted with computers, which is very true. This new ad pushes that idea, as seen through the words "when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful", which is also very true. So Apple are "Thinking different" when it comes to computing, not talking about specs, but what it is like to use the device. Other tablet manufacturers have to talk about specs to make them sound better than the iPad, even though they are worse, as they are not running iOS, and they are more expensive. Here that, the iPad is the cheapest in its category!

March 28, 2011

Copyright, Infringement and Stupidity

To start off in my routine sort of way: while sitting in an Airbus A319 on the way to Vienna (yes folks, it's another airplane post, typed on my iPhone and not an Android), I had remembered I had to start my ICT assignment. I have already finished the first part of it, as you can see in the previous post, but this next part is extremely time consuming and you will probably not see anything else on this blog but posts on copyright over these next 3 weeks. I would have liked to post about something else alongside copyright, but with 2 1200 word essays to type up, my fingers would never cope! I will however guarantee you that the next series of posts will be highly interesting, useful and educational. So let's get started.

There are several ways to protect your ideas nowadays: Copyright, that ® logo (no idea what it means), trademark and patents. These each protect different things (copyright is protecting media and text, patents protect ideas and products and a trademark protects a logo, I think). You might want to look up the proper definition! So, what is their significance? If you make a song, you do not want people going around and claiming the song is theirs, right? If you have an idea that will change the industry, you will defiantly not want a rival copying it. This is what these laws aim to do.

February 19, 2011

3 More Thoughts

While I am sitting on a Boeing 737 (which my uncle flies) with a screaming baby behind me and a class of loud teenage school girls on a trip to London, who think they need to cheer at everything, in front of me, I decided to continue working on my posts regarding issues that are very important to me. 

Lets start with Sony's action against the people who hacked their PS3 system. The hackers got into the system and retrieved the master code. This code is used to verify that the games inserted into the console are legitimate. If one put a homemade game into the console, without it being signed with this code, it will not load. Now you can sign these homemade and pirated games with the master key, which is meant to be top secret. 

February 3, 2011


We have all heard about them, we all know what they do and we all know what the problem is. But, if you take away all the media speculation and government pressure, what is the real story?

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization who describe themselves as “an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking”. This basically means that they release secret documents for the world to see. They release documents from corporate company information to classified war and government documents. Usually these go into tremendous detail as well.

January 13, 2011

Near Field Communication (NFC)

This technology allows mobile devices to exchange data between itself and other devices. This will evolve, in my opinion, to our smart-phones (or brand new super-phones, to be mentioned in another post) to act as our wallets. We could use this technology to pay at restaurants, trains, online goods and even replace our travel cards. This idea could also evolve to become a ticket system, where you buy a plane or theatre ticket and use our mobiles to check in or gain access.

This technology requires a special chip inside a device. Most new Android phones and a new iPhone will have this functionality built into them. I think this is the way forward, especially with the junk nowadays in our pockets, and will eventually be accepted as payment everywhere. Barclays Bank and Visa are already there, so get with it!

November 18, 2010

The Internet: Its history and the WWW

The internet is a very complicated thing. It includes servers, data centres, real life sensors and over 2 billion computers within its network. The history of the internet is also extremely complicated and is sumerised inthis video below:

History of the Internet from Melih Bilgil on Vimeo.

Now, you might have been asking yourself this for a while now: What exactly is the difference between the Internet and the WWW (thats World Wide Web)? Are they the same thing? Well, I can now tell you that they are not. 

The Internet is a massive network of networks. It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the Internet. 

The World Wide Web is a way of accessing information over the Internet. The Web uses the HTTP protocol, only one of the languages spoken over the Internet, to transmit data. The World Wide Web also uses browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to access web pages that are linked to each other via hyperlinks. Web pages/documents also contain graphics, sounds, text and video.

So, overall, the internet is just the network of computers and the WWW is the website you love, or Google, or Facebook. Its a way of accessing information over the Internet.

October 19, 2010

Apple Press Conference 20th October 2010

Apple have recently sent out a surprise invitation to their HQ in California. As the picture says, its all about the mac (since this year has been mainly based around iOS devises) and we are expecting some exiting things:

1) Mac OS X 10.7 Lion - the next major release is said to be announced tomorrow. People say it will have touch based interfaces and possibly face-time.

2) A new MacBook Air - this has long been overdue for an update now. It will have more USB ports, more RAM larger HDD space and possibly a disk drive (apple has taken these off the shelves in their retail stores now). 

3) A possible a new software range, iLife and iWork? - iLife and iWork are also now overdue for an update. We are still awaiting that "just one more thing" moment.

The event will be streaming live (I think) at 10am San Francisco time and 6pm London time.

October 9, 2010


During my visit to America, I managed to get my hands on iAd, Apples attempt to get into the advertising business. On returning to the UK, I remembered that iAd had not yet been released here yet. So I waited for what Apple promised us would be a revolution (revolution being their favourite word) in advertising.

At long last, 2 months after being launched in the US, I finally got to try a UK iAd, much to my disappointment. Apple said that they would supply ads that would interest us. I was still getting ads from dating apps and "cheap calls to international mobiles at £1 a second! Wow!" (bit of exaggeration there). Totally uninteresting. Then, these ads were boring. No fancy HTML5 widgets or interesting content, just a screen with a "Buy Now" option. Not exactly what apple promised us. 

At least the Americans get decent iAds, whilst us here in the UK have to still deal with "Zoosk is the No. 1 dating app for the iPhone!".

Sort it out Apple!